Word of the day: Tendinosis (Tendinopathy)

Transverse Bicep Tendon

Tendinosis, also referred to as tendinopathy, is a degenerative process with eosinophilic, fibrillar, and mucoid degeneration of the tendon (Jacobson 29).

Sonographically, tendinosis can be seen as a focal heterogeneous,  relatively ill-defined hypoechoic area within the tendon.  There will be no visible tendon defect and  cortical irregularity is not usually associated with this proccess.

Diffuse tendinosis may cause the entire tendon to appear hypoechoic.

Longitudinal Bicep Tendon

It is important to ensure the sound beam is interacting with the tendon at a perpendicular angle to avoid the artifact anisotropy.  Anisotropy can mimic the ultrasound  characteristics seen with tendinosis.

To learn more, and how to identify it during your evaluations, check out upcoming msk  musculoskeletal hands-on training course that will provide hours of hands-on scanning.

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