Vascular Ultrasound Courses (May 8-12)

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(May 8th-12th) The Introduction to Carotid and Duplex/Color Flow Imaging and Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound hands-on course is designed to provide a strong foundation to perform and/or interpret carotid and peripheral vascular ultrasound examinations. The peripheral nerve and carotid ultrasound hands-on course is taught by leading vascular specialists and includes lectures, interactive case studies, and extensive hands- on scanning, featuring a 3:1 hands-on ratio using live models.

The Most Comprehensive Vascular Ultrasound Course
3:1 Participant/Instructor Ratio for Maximum Hands on Scanning
Interactive Case Presentations with an Audience Response System
Immediately Implement Skills Learned into Clinical Practice
Increase Diagnostic Skills and Scanning Proficiency
Lecture & Instruction by Leading Vascular Ultrasound Experts

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