UGVA & Nerve Blocks in EM + Scan Workshop (4/21-4/22)

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The Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access portion of the course includes comprehensive lectures and extensive hands-on scanning for central and peripheral line placement. This emergency vascular access ultrasound hands-on course/program incorporates interactive case presentations and features a 3:1 ratio with live models and inanimate phantoms. On day two you get to choose the topics you want to reinforce and improve your scanning skills in for emergency medicine, critical care abdominal and OB-GYN ultrasound applications. Scanning live models and inanimate phantoms provides the perfect opportunity to improve scanning proficiency.

  • Taught by Leading Emergency Ultrasound Experts
  • Central/Peripheral Line Technique and Approach
  • Increase Diagnostic Skills and Scanning Proficiency
  • Practice Interventional Techniques on Inanimate Phantoms
  • Immediately Implement Skills Learned into Clinical Practice

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