Which breast cancer patients need lymph nodes removed? Ultrasound narrows it down, study finds


A new study finds that not all women with lymph node-positive breast cancer treated with chemotherapy before surgery need to have all of their underarm nodes taken out. Ultrasound is a useful tool for judging before breast cancer surgery whether chemotherapy eliminated cancer from the underarm lymph nodes, the researchers found.

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Metamaterials allow ultrasound to penetrate bone and metal


Researchers at North Carolina State University have designed complementary metamaterials that will aid medical professionals and engineers in diagnosing problems under the skin. These metamaterials are structured to account for so-called “aberrating layers” that block or distort the acoustic waves used in ultrasounds, making it possible to now conduct ultrasounds of a person’s head or an airplane’s wing – among other things.

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Ultrasound Biofeedback Helps Speech Therapy


Using ultrasound technology to visualize the tongue’s shape and movement can help children with difficulty pronouncing “r” sounds, according to a small study. The ultrasound intervention was effective when individuals were allowed to make different shapes with their tongue in order to produce the “r” sound, rather than being instructed to make a specific shape….

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Virtual Real-Time Sonography


Increases in speed and reliability of internet communication has spawned a variety of opportunities to bring vital medical technologies to remote areas of the world and beyond.  These advances in communication have made it possible to bring medical ultrasound technologies to such remote areas as the South Pole research station and even to outer space.  Virtually assisted ultrasound can give sonographers the ability to assist medical providers in remote areas with critical diagnostics.  Below are some links to more information on remote and robotic ultrasound projects.

Remote internal imaging robot helps doctors in emergency situations

Virtual robotic ultrasound can improve diagnosis of heart failure patients living in rural communities

Hitachi Real-time Virtual Sonography

Remote Ultrasound Diagnostics Based on Broadcasting Solutions