Word of the Day – Free Hand In-Plane MSK Injection Technique

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Free Hand In-Plane MSK Injection Technique

MSK injections performed using ultrasound guidance allows for efficient and accurate needle placement that results with reduced complications and improved patient satisfaction. There are two basic approaches used when performing ultrasound-guided MSK injections:  In-plane and out of plane.

The “in-plane” approach is the most commonly utilized technique because it allows better visualization of the needle (Ibrahim, Moore 2).   To perform the in-plane approach, the needle is position in the center of the probe in a long axis position and advanced parallel to the sound beam.  The goal is to always see the entire length of the needle, including the tip.

To learn more about Free Hand In-Plane MSK Injection Technique, and how to identify it during your evaluations, check out upcoming musculoskeletal hands-on training course that will provide hours of hands-on scanning.

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