Epsilon Imaging introduces new application for right ventricle assessment

Epsilon Imaging, a provider of workflow enhancing solutions for cardiology, has introduced EchoInsight visualization and analysis platform, a new application for right ventricle (RV) assessment.

The EchoInsight visualization and analysis platform offers quick and intuitive strain imaging along with automated cardiac function measurements for improved quality, standardization and workflow in echo interpretation.

The EchoInsight suite of applications now includes cardio oncology for left ventricle (LV) assessment and management, RV and stress echo.

University of Chicago Medicine cardiologist Dr Roberto Lang noted EchoInsight for RV offers quick and reliable visualization and analysis with practical strain imaging for function assessment and comparison over time.

“RV is challenging to assess in 2D imaging, EchoInsight for RV brings robust and intuitive tissue motion analysis along with automated cardiac function measurements to clinical practice.

“This added quantitative data in a practical solution can assist clinicians by improving confidence in interpretation when evaluating RV,” Dr Lang added.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital cardiologist Dr Benjamin Freed noted this newest application from Epsilon Imaging designed specifically for RV function assessment compares well with strain analysis using cardiac MR – the gold standard.

“EchoInsight for RV offers a versatile, efficient and economic approach to thoroughly assess RV and improve management of patients when evaluating the right heart for a variety of indications,” Dr Freed added.

According to the company, the complete EchoInsight suite of applications is now available for sale.

Reference: http://www.medicaldevices-business-review.com/news/epsilon-imaging-introduces-new-application-for-right-ventricle-assessment-181013

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