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Endometriosis-UltrasoundEndometriosis is the presence of tissue that normally grows inside the uterus (womb) in an abnormal anatomical location. Endometriosis is very common and may not produce symptoms, or it may lead to painful menstruation. It has also been associated with infertility. Endometriosis occurs most commonly within the Fallopian tubes and on the outside of the tubes and ovaries, the outer surface of the uterus and intestines, and anywhere on the surface of the pelvic cavity. It can also be found, less often, on the surface of the liver, in old surgery scars or, very rarely, in the lung or brain.

To learn more about Endometriosis, and how to identify it during your evaluations, check out upcoming OB-GYN hands-on training course that will provide hours of hands-on scanning.

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    Endometriosis is usually treated with surgery but patients can help themselves a lot if they add a remedial massage therapy because not only can they prepare themselves for the surgery procedure by stimulating their immune system but they might also be able to avoid taking some pain medication needed after the surgery.

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