Custom Onsite Ultrasound Training & CME

Custom Onsite Ultrasound Training & CME

Custom Onsite Ultrasound Training & CME to both groups and individuals for the most personalized, convenient, and flexible training format available!

FOR GROUPS: If you have a group of medical professionals in need of training in ANY specialty of ultrasound, we can come to your facility for an “Onsite” course.

FOR INDIVIDUALS: If you prefer to learn in a 1 on 1 environment, or the dates of our regularly scheduled courses don’t work for you, GUI offers Private Hands-On Scanning workshops. Private Hands-On sessions are conducted at the GUI facility in St. Petersburg Florida and feature expert instructors, multiple live model “patients” and are approved for AMA PRA CAT I Credits™. In order for us to coordinate one of these custom scanning sessions you MUST MEET THE FOLLOWING PRE-SESSION REQUIREMENTS:

  • Simply submit an Onsite Request Form with your preferred dates, topics, number of participants, and other important information needed for our Onsite Coordinators to put together the most accurate customized quote.
  • Our coordinators will work with you closely to develop the most effective program to meet your particular group’s objectives.
  • Multiple program formats are available depending on what works best for your group:
    • Traditional (Live Lectures plus Hands-On)
    • Blended (Comprehensive Online Course plus Onsite Hands-On)
    • Interpretation/Case Studies
  • AMA PRA CAT I Credits™ are provided for all Onsite Courses (other CME credit types available upon request)
  • We can coordinate a Custom Onsite Course for any size group (large or small), however we suggest that the group have at least 5 or more participants to make it cost effective for your facility (versus sending the participants to a GUI regularly scheduled course).
  • Scanning checklists/case logs available for hospital credentialing/accreditation purposes (if needed)
  • Custom Onsite Courses are coordinated WORLDWIDE!
Complete a GCUS “Online Course” on the topics in which you will be scanning. -OR- Be registered and experienced in the modality of ultrasound you are going to scan in the workshop -OR- Have previously attended a GCUS Course in the modality in which you will be scanning (or other course subject to approval by GCUS).

To receive a quote for a private Hands-On Scanning session, please fill out the Quote Request and one of our coordinators will reach out to you!
If you have any questions or concerns that you do not meet the criteria to register for a private session, please contact us at (727)363-4500 and we would be happy to assist you!

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