Ultrasound used to diagnose minor bone fractures

Ultrasound is set to play a significant role in detecting minor fractures in the future, according to a new study. The move would reduce exposure to radiation, as well as providing an alternative when radiology units are closed.

rib-fracture-2aThe authors conducted a study of the usefulness and efficiency of portable ultrasound in detecting the presence of minor fractures in patients presenting to a minor injuries unit. Analysis showed that 85% of patients with a fracture confirmed by X-ray had injuries detected through ultrasonography. The authors say emergency clinicians could rule in fractures by studying the ultrasound images …

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Word of the Day – Nodule

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Nodule- lumps that commonly arise within a otherwise normal thyroid.  It could be fluid filled cavity or often are solid components mixed with fluid.

To learn more about Nodule, and how to identify it during your evaluations, check out upcoming hands-on training course that will provide hours of hands-on scanning.