Quantitative Ultrasound Measures Bone Mineral Density

Recent development of Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS) technology is offering a viable alternative to the current gold standard (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) for evaluation of Bone loss and risk of fracture.  Unlike DEXA, QUS does not expose patients to ionizing radiation and is therefore considered a safe technology.  QUS uses high frequency soundwaves, which are transmitted through bone to measure the quality and strength of the bone.

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Ultrasound improves evaluation of long bone fracture


Word of the Day – Heterogeneous

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Heterogeneous is a portion of tissue or image that has differing echo characteristics.

To learn more about Heterogeneous, and how to identify it during your evaluations, check out upcoming hands-on training course that will provide hours of hands-on scanning.


Virtual Real-Time Sonography

Increases in speed and reliability of internet communication has spawned a variety of opportunities to bring vital medical technologies to remote areas of the world and beyond.  These advances in communication have made it possible to bring medical ultrasound technologies to such remote areas as the South Pole research station and even to outer space.  Virtually assisted ultrasound can give sonographers the ability to assist medical providers in remote areas with critical diagnostics.  Below are some links to more information on remote and robotic ultrasound projects.

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Virtual robotic ultrasound can improve diagnosis of heart failure patients living in rural communities

Hitachi Real-time Virtual Sonography

Remote Ultrasound Diagnostics Based on Broadcasting Solutions