New Mexico, North Dakota & Oregon Sonography Licensure Explained


Three states, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Oregon, have recently approved legislation mandating the licensure of medical sonographers, along with other imaging allied health professionals. As a result, ASE asked members for comments about licensure.  The following (article) is a sample of frequently asked questions and ASE responses….

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Can ultrasound detect potential heart attacks & strokes before symptoms arise?

Das Acuson X300 PE ist ein leistungsstarkes Ultraschallsystem und bietet Ärzten und Ultraschalldiagnostikern eine anspruchsvolle Bildgebung für ein breites Spektrum von Herz-Kreislauf-Anwendungen und Patiententypen. Diese kompakte kardiologische Plattform umfasst Applikationen wie Stressechokardiographie, 3D-fähige TEE-Bildgebung bei Erwachsenen, Linksventrikel-Opazifizierung sowie die branchenführende Intrakardiale Echokardiographie und bietet somit eine Komplettlösung für die kardiale Diagnostik.

The ACUSON X300 ultrasound system, premium edition (PE) is a powerful ultrasound system giving physicians and sonographers superior imaging performance across a range of cardiovascular applications in a wide variety of patients. This fully featured platform includes stress echo, adult TEE with 3D capability, left ventricular opacification and industry-leading intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) for a complete cardiac solution.

A study of portable ultrasound carried out in the USA, Canada and India has revealed the potential of this technology for detecting plaques in peripheral arteries that can lead to heart attacks and stroke before symptoms arise, in both developed and developing country settings, allowing preventive treatment in those affected.

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Medical Ultrasound Equipment Market on the Rise


Persistent Market Research has posted their forecast for the medical ultrasound equipment market indicating a notable rise in the availability and use of medical ultrasound.  The report itself is available for purchase, at the links below. However, their article prefacing this report leaves us with some curious questions about it’s content…

At first glance, the article appears to make note of general rising trends in ultrasound equipment sales – which would jibe with our observation of the general increase in market trends. The following quote is offered as an appetizer for the final report …

“… North America followed by Europe is dominating the global medical ultrasound equipment market due to increasing numbers of diagnostic imaging centres (sic) and increasing adoption of technologically advanced imaging systems. Asia is expected to be the fastest growing market due to modernization in healthcare infrastructure and rising prevalence of diseases. Japan is dominating the Asian medical ultrasound equipment market due to an availability of technologically advanced manufacturers such as Toshiba and Hitachi..”

This all seems reasonably straight forward until I came across the following quote …

“…However, the risk of high radiation and the high cost of medical imaging are some major factors restraining the growth of the global medical ultrasound equipment market…”

Wait. What? High radiation in ultrasound?  The inclusion of this (clearly incorrect) statement makes us think that at least the introductory blog article was assembled without much attention to detail. Perhaps the report itself is more thoughtful in it’s content.

Read the preface to the report here.

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